Differential Geometry I

MATH 6455

MW Lecture 11:00-12:15, 257 Skiles
Office hours MW 1:30-3:00 or by appointment

Prerequisite text:

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces by M.P. do Carmo

Supplementary texts:

Riemannian Geometry by M.P. do Carmo

Semi-Riemannian Geometry With Applications to Relativity by Barrett O'Neill

A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry Vol. I-V by M. Spivak
Final Exam Friday April 26, 11:20-2:10

Spring Semester 2024 Calendar
Monday, January 8 Classes begin
Monday, January 15 Holiday
Monday-Friday, March 18-22 Spring Break
Monday, April 22 Last lecture
Friday, April 26, 11:20-2:10 Final exam

Lecture Schedule and Homework

Additional Materials

Lecture 1 Outline
Lecture 1 Question
Lecture 1 Notes (table of contents)
Lecture 1 Historical Table
Lecture 1 Charts
Lecture 1 Calculations

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