The divisions indicate a primary area to which the listed papers pertain, though there is often some overlap.


Isoperimetric flow and convexity of $H$-grpahs, Calculus of Variations, to appear. summary.

On a generalized height estimate for $H$-graphs , summary.


Symmetry via spherical reflection , Journal of Geometric Analysis. to appear. summary.

Symmetry via spherical reflection and spanning drops in a wedge , Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 180, No. 2, 1997 preprint. summary.

Vertex theorems for capillary drops on support planes , with R. Finn, Mathematische Nachrichten. to appear. summary.

Instability of liquid bridges and related questions , with P. Concus and R. Finn, submitted. summary.

Minimal surfaces

Embedded minimal ends asymptotic to the helicoid , with D. Hoffman, submitted. summary.

Fluid mechanics: rotating liquids and liquid films

Scaling laws for rotating fluid shapes, with P. Neshleba and R. Torii, in Proc. 7th Marcel Grossman Meeting, 1994, Jantzen, R. and Keiser, M., eds., World Scientific (1997). summary.

Demonstration of shape scaling for rotating bubbles , with P. Neshleba and R. Torii, American Journal of Physics (1994). to appear. summary.

Retardation of Rayleigh instability: a distinguishing characteristic among perfectly wetting fluids , summary.

A symmetry breaking experiment aboard Mir and the stability of rotating liquid films , with P. Concus, R. Finn, D. Gomes, and M. Weislogel, Session 7C in Proc. Fourth Microgravity Fluid Physics & Transport Phenomena Conference, 1998. summary.

Other topics

Rotations of the three-sphere and symmetry of the Clifford torus, with Lafe Spietz, submitted. summary.

Positively curved surfaces with no tangent support plane, submitted. summary.

In preparation

Some extensions of results on spanning drops , in preparation, draft available. summary.

The equal outer tangents conjecture , in preparation, draft available. summary.

Uniqueness of equilibria for perfectly wetting fluids in spherical containers , in preparation. summary.